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The author, being passionate about helping others look within to discover their own personal power(s) and limitless internal resource; here you will find more details listed for all upcoming titles/projects/events, on this page.  Currently working on the first professional music project, we are please to announce that a single will be release by the end of this year 2020, along with 2 other "Spirit Seed/Easy Reads" available for your reading pleasure, growth and enlightenment.  Please be sure to stay tune for more! 


What is your next FEATURED Item?


SEEKING SOFTNESS - a book that reintroduces the MEDICINE WHEEL... information most of us are missing about ourselves.  It's the ancient way of understanding how man is indeed connected to the Universe, at all times, which puts one in control of their destiny/desires, each person is never powerless, separated from the Creator and/or alone. 


How do I contact Lord and Lillie Publishing?


Please go to the CONTACT tab on this website, fill in all the necessary information on the digital form, then hit SEND, and someone will get back with you very soon via email.  For your convenience, the company phone number is also listed.


What other items can we look forward to seeing soon?


Coming SOON:  A children's BOOK Series, a new BLOG/Women's Issues, also "Young Minds"/ Millennial Posters, Several Inspirational Musical projects and much, much more; all to assist in better understanding just how powerful and limitless we (humans) truly are!


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