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About the Author/Publisher

Elaine Allmond's quest for truth, along with many, many years of study and tremendous life lessons would eventually culminate; finding spiritual solace as she learned to blend her early Christian beliefs with the timeless, universal teachings of the indigenous people we now call Native Americans.  After many years of research, feeling as a sojourner here on earth, she'd finally yield to the call, beckoned by continuous energy constantly forming itself into poems, songs and melody, using her as the vessel to bring them forth.  With many stories within her story; she now begins with her first Featured Book: "SEEKING SOFTNESS", a work which has span many years; transforming even the author, and leaving her even more passionate about sharing with others how to tap into ones own personal POWER within, via the Creator/Christ. Please look forward to many other features soon, as she continues to follow spirit, feel after the Creator/Father and continuously travel the sacred spiral of the Universe.   

Elaine Allmond is the founder of Lord & Lillie Publishing, an independent online publishing company, creating works from the "Female" perspective, as this universal energy (female) continues to rise.  Producing both literary & musical creations, all proudly done to empower, inspire, teach and encourage each person to look within  for ones true answers and direction. All are invited to continuously chase their life's path and/or dreams, to eventually join in on the one melody (force) of the universe, harmonically, singing "Her "same song.  

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