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Female Energy Rising!

  A fragile flower at the height of its weight.

Ripe on the vine; lest the bough breaks.

A soft gentle pedal flops to water, like so!

Rippling currents; roll, row by row.

Surface trembles; shaky, melting scenes 

New bending vibrations, now visibly seen.

The New Era's ascending, feel Her rise and ignite.

Man's inner power and God's universal light!

Elaine "Manny" Allmond

Lord & Lillie Publishing

Is an independent online Publishing Company, creating both literary and musical projects to inspire all to look within and become more aware of their own inner knowing and personal power. The company name celebrates the Creator's current rise of female energy which is here to assist in making the spiritual  less complicated and more useful/pliable within everyday life.  Following this universal call, Lord & Lillie will provide informative books, inspirational music, posters, plaques, magnets, videos and more. 

It's all in the Name:

"Lord & Lillie"

This name was given as I walked the coastal shores of Cocoa Beach, Florida during a time in my life of deep spiritual contemplation.  And so, the Lord goes before this fragile flower and yet if  the "Creator" be with any establishment, who can be against it.  Now, with a clear understanding that "all is energy", and that Spirit, Light and Truth are all of the same vain of energy, it joins itself with this female energy to produce creative works to assist in creating more of the same Spirit.  

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